Laminated Glass Doors

We now offer all our custom built security doors with higher security laminated glass as an option. You can see the laminated glass video demonstrated to see how well it works. Laminated glass provide additional security like the windshield in your car. It also eliminates upto 99% of the UV ray infiltration to help eliminate heat build up and fading of your prime entrance door. The laminated glass will also help decrease the sound levels transmitted through the glass. 

Look at our new Secure Breeze Door line to have a screen and the top and bottom of the door to provide ventilation. In the winter you keep the tempered glass panel in to provide insulation from the cold. In the summer all you have to do is to rotate the glass clips, remove the glass panel and then install the screen panel for ventilation. The Secure Breeze door line provides the benfits of the laminated glass in the main body of the door while having the option of providing ventilation when needed. 

Laminated Glass Doors


We are a wholesale manufacturer of Security Storm Doors that are sold through a network of authorized distributors nationwide. You can purchase our doors through your local Window and Door Home Improvement Company or your Local Lowes Home Improvement or Menards stores nationwide. If your local Home Improvement Company wants to sell our doors they need to contact Dave Walker at to get set up as an authorized distributor.

Independent Distributors are located nationwide. Please call 901-346-0662 or 1-866-790-3667  and ask for a local dealer in your area.

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