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Phone - 866.790.3667 or 901.346.0662

Fax - 866.545.2569 or 901.346.0494

Email - insidesales@wtndoor.com

Address - 1800 Transport Ave. Memphis, TN 38116

West Tennessee Ornamental Door only sells through approved Home Improvement Window and Door Companies nationwide, Lowes Home Improvement "Special Order Sales" program in the Millwork or the Commercial Sales Department and Menards. New Distributors can contact Dave Walker at dwalker@wtndoor.com to get set up as an authorized distributor. To find a distributor in your area you can contact Beth at beth@wtndoor.com.

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Laminated Glass Doors

We are a wholesale manufacturer of Security Storm Doors that are sold through a network of authorized distributors nationwide. You can purchase our doors through your local Window and Door Home Improvement Company or your Local Lowes Home Improvement or Menards stores nationwide. If your local Home Improvement Company wants to sell our doors they need to contact Dave Walker at DWalker@Wtndoor.com to get set up as an authorized distributor.

Independent Distributors are located nationwide. Please call 901-346-0662 or 1-866-790-3667 for a local dealer in your area.

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  • 1800 Transport Ave. Memphis, TN 38116
  • 866.790.3667
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  • 866.545.2569
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