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Technical Information Disclaimer
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Most of the items on our website can be installed by a capable DIY do-it-yourself homeowner or a professional home improvement company. You need to have someone familiar with security doors visit your home to inspect and measure your door openings to ensure our products can be installed on your home. All of our products are sized based on your door opening size and the location of the security door hinges you specify. This information you give will be based on you standing outside your home looking at your door. You must have a secure mounting surface that has wood brick mold trim or equivalent with a 1-1/8” smooth square face and 1-1/8” inset for the z-bar to mount our doors. You need to make sure the standard location of our door locks do not interfere with the existing doors. Our distributors have the standard lock location details in their price book based on the lock style you selected. This information will be listed in the “How to Install”  category in the website.

Our company will not be responsible for your measurements and details or for personal or property damages from the use of our products installed on your home. Weather, terrorism or acts of God, glass breakage or screen tears and misuse of our products are not covered in any of our warranty. Our recommendations are deemed to be to the best of our knowledge based on the information you give us. We cannot see your project of measurements so you will ultimately be responsible for sizing and selecting the correct product to purchase. By making a purchase from this website you agree to the terms and conditions listed above and below this statement.

Phone Orders- You may order over the phone and give us your credit card information for us to key in manually. We will need your complete name, telephone number and email address with the shipping address to ship your package. We will also need the name on your credit card, complete billing address of the credit card, expiration date and V code on the back.

We reserve the right to cancel your order if the pricing on the website is incorrect due to a typing error. We will inform you of correct price prior to shipping your product. You can decide if want us to ship the order or cancel it.

Specifications and Pictures
We attempt to keep our pictures, descriptions and pricing correct and accurate. Due to manufacturers changing models and pricing we may not have a current picture or price listed for a product. We reserve the right to raise prices at any time and correct the specifications of the products at any time. We will contact you if parts you have ordered is different from the website so you may cancel or complete your order prior to shipping the product.

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